Inheritance disputes are rising with 1 in 4 now looking to bring a claim

We understand fully the sensitivity around these kinds of matters, knowing they are deeply personal and need to be navigated with complete care.

We cover every aspect when it comes to inheritance disputes, from contesting a will and claiming under the Inheritance Act 1975, to disputes with executors, beneficiaries or questioning validity, we can help.

We’ll also be on hand to help you navigate funding options, which include deferred fees and no win no fee.

Our team are all specialists in this niche area of the law with a  combined experience of over 100 years in resolving inheritance disputes.

Trust is paramount when it comes to this kind of work, and our approach is phased, clear and supportive from start to finish.

We have dealt with well over 3000 enquiries since we began and have a proven track record in helping our client navigate complex inheritance situations.


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Are you a victim of the Universal Wealth scandal?

Universal wealth has affected thousands of people across the UK, if  you believe you or a member of your family have been a victim of Universal Wealth or the Philips Trust Corporation, contact us today.


Bereavement support


It’s sometimes easier to talk outside of your friends and family about grief and the impact of bereavement on your life.

Find out more about GriefChat and speak to a Bereavement Counsellor for free.



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