We are a nationally active boutique law practice that’s specialises solely in the resolution of disputes and problems that arise in connection with wills, probate and trusts.
Martin Holdsworth
Founder & Director
Our range of services
Many situations we are asked to help with actually involve a number of different claims that are entwined; it is not unusual to think you have one type of claim or defence, only to find that we advise that an entirely different one is best suited to reach your goal. This depth of experience and "know how" is what comes from being a truly specialist practice.

Take a look at the range of services we offer, but don't hesitate to give us a call to see which combination or route will best suit your own needs!
It is crucial that you choose the right legal team for your needs. That is why we have prepared our Transparency Guide to educate new clients who we are, what we do and how we charge.
We provide valuable support to referrers
We understand the needs of our referrers and the sector we all work in. We have developed a range of services, guides, info-graphics and updates that are exclusively available to:

— Avoiding Disputes
— Dealing with Disputes
— Resources / Downloads
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