Inheritance disputes are rising with 1 in 4 now looking to bring a claim

We understand fully the sensitivity around these kinds of matters, knowing they are deeply personal and need to be navigated with complete care.

We cover every aspect when it comes to inheritance disputes, from contesting a will and defending one, to disputes with executors, questioning validity or you may be a disappointed beneficiary. 

Whatever it is. We can help.



Our team are all specialists in resolving contentious wills, probate and trust disputes

We have dealt with well over 3000 dispute enquiries and have a proven track record in helping our clients resolve complex inheritance situations.

We can also help and advise with funding, whether that be a funding arrangement, deferred invoicing or no win no fee.


What do our clients think?


Our clients are asked how likely (out of 10) they would be to recommend IDR Law to others – the NPS score is calculated by simply taking the % of those who scored us a 9 or 10, less those who scored us with a 6 or less.

Our NPS score is currently 90, bringing us into the ‘world class’ category for client care. As a comparison, the average NPS score for law firms is reported to be less than 50.

IDR Law NPS graphic March 2023-01

Our Contentious Probate Services

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It’s sometimes easier to talk outside of your friends and family about grief and the impact of bereavement on your life.

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