A Royal Inheritance, the verdict

As we come to the end of the week, our jury (via our little LinkedIn poll!) seems to have reached a verdict…

Rebecca Everitt who fought in our mock trial for the royal inheritance to stay the same, had this to say!

‘The majority vote has decided that the Royal Inheritance should continue to pass automatically to the Sovereign, although 35% of voters believe that the current law should be abolished so that the Royal Inheritance can pass by way of the Monarch’s Last Will and Testament.

The arguments in favour of retaining the current law include protection of the Royal Family as an institution. To be clear, if the law allowed the Monarch to dispose of the Royal Inheritance in their Will, then the principle of Testamentary Freedom dictates that they can dispose of the assets in any way they wish. This could lead to the depletion of the Royal Family’s assets and its generational wealth over time.

Famously referred to as ‘the firm’, the Royal Family (like any other business) relies on money to survive. It therefore appears that the Royal Inheritance is crucial to the survival of the Monarchy. A central issue tied to this debate is the public support for the Monarchy and so it remains to be seen whether their loyal subjects will continue to be in favour of the Royal Family building and retaining wealth in this way, in the coming generations. ‘


Listen to our mock trial right here

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