Are you one of the 25% of all beneficiaries who intend to claim a greater inheritance than you received?

If you are, before incurring legal fees, use our online 1975 Act claimchecker – it’s FREE to use – just follow 4 simple steps and, within 5 minutes, we will supply you with a personalised report confirming if you can/can’t/could bring a claim for more!


Why do people claim?

The size of the estates currently passing to the generation below are the greatest in living history. It has been building to this point over decades and the “windfall generation” receiving it are getting life changing sums of money as a result. It has not gone unnoticed:

  • 1 in 3 of us are relying on an inheritance for future financial security 1 – to fund retirement, pay off mortgages or other debt. But, what if the inheritance you thought you were going to get is left to someone else, or you receive only a fraction of what you were anticipating and need? What if the person, who told you they were leaving everything to you, dies intestate (passes away before they’ve made a will) and you receive nothing as a result?
  • 1 in 4 now say they will bring a claim if their inheritance is not what they expect — commonly under a piece of legislation called the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975; the “1975 Act” 2.

 Are you a disappointed beneficiary?

You might be a cohabitee whose partner has died without leaving a will and all their estate goes to their children from a previous marriage. Or perhaps your partner was only separated from their spouse, not divorced, and upon their death, through the rules of intestacy, their ex inherits everything, including the house you live in.

Perhaps one of your parents passed away without leaving you anything in their will, and your other parent remarries, leaving everything to their new spouse in a new will and all the family money that you were anticipating goes to them when your remaining parent dies, leaving you and your children with nothing from the family estate.

Perhaps you’re a mother or father wanting to bring a claim for the benefit of your own children who have been left out of your former spouse’s will.

In many countries for example, France, the law ensures that some wealth must pass to children. In England and Wales, testamentary freedom remains – you can leave what you want to who you want – a parent might choose to disinherit their child due to family fall-out or the child may be disinherited accidentally, for example if a parent remarries then passes away without taking sufficient precautionary steps to ensure that all their wealth doesn’t just pass entirely to their surviving second partner and their children.

You need to know whether or not you are entitled to bring a claim don’t you?

Families are complicated. Inheritance can be complicated and it can be hard to know if you have the basis for a claim. Most claims are brought under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975, commonly referred to simply as the 1975 Act, and here at IDR Law, we have designed and built a FREE online 1975 Act Claimchecker. This software only takes five minutes to use and produces a downloadable report, providing you with immediate guidance on whether you could bring a claim, the time limits that apply, and factors considered when assessing an award.

Your personalised report concludes with a yes, no, or maybe indication on whether you have the right to bring a successful 1975 Act claim. There may well, of course, be other claims that you could bring to remedy your position and we would certainly recommend speaking with us about these, but let’s start with a simple 1975 Act assessment.

Will you incur legal fees in using the 1975 Act Claimchecker?

No, it won’t cost you anything to use the 1975 Act Claimchecker: it’s a free, no-obligation, case assessor. It is accessible 24/7 and whilst the 1975 Act Claimchecker is designed to provide initial assistance, there is no obligation to subsequently instruct IDR Law.

Whether you or your client is disappointed with an inheritance, our online 1975 Act Claimchecker is a highly effective FREE service that provides confirmation as to whether or not a claim is possible under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975. Access it here.


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