The best way to deal with an inheritance dispute is to avoid it in the first place. With approximately 5% of all estate administrations giving rise to disputes, any action taken in life to avoid being in that group is worthwhile. We have put together some resources that will hopefully equip you with some helpful information that will enable you to persuade more individuals to take proper advice and action to ensure that their succession plans result in their estate falling within the 95% that proceed without family fall out.

Why make a will?
Almost 7 out of 10 still don’t have one. We want to help you change that statistic for the better – FRisk reports simply spell out the reality of what dying without a will would mean to the person using our FRisk service. It’s a very personal wake up call !
IDR Training

For regular referrers of work, we provide training sessions for groups and associations that can be tailored to suit your needs.


Whether it is talking about common pitfalls and claims we see or a more in depth analysis about the emotional background to claims, we are happy to support you. We have lectured at conferences and seminars run by Kings Court Trust, SWW, Homicide teams, STEP groups, SFE groups, law firms, EAP scheme providers and many more nationally.
IDR Law guidance

If you are not sure how best to help and advise your client on how to avoid a dispute that is likely to come their way, just ask for help!


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