Junior Paralegal
Daniela Parravano
BA (Hons)

Daniela, a junior paralegal, has been with the firm since September 2021 following IDR Law Director and friend, Martin Holdsworth, inviting her to join the growing team. Daniela feels this was a meaningful coincidence as she was looking to change path from her career in social work.


Having graduated in 1993 from the University of Manchester, studying Social Policy & Politics, Daniela was drawn to working with children and families starting her career working in a residential therapeutic children’s home. This experience cemented Daniela’s wish to qualify as a Social Worker and she completed a further two years of study at York University qualifying in 1997. Since then, Daniela has worked in a variety of Child Protection and Safeguarding Teams where the challenges of supporting families, empowering those in need and undertaking statutory child protection duties fuelled her drive and commitment to serving the needs of children and families.

Daniela enjoyed a career break whilst her three children were young gradually returning to part-time work in a non-statutory setting ultimately reverting to statutory social work in recent years. The ‘curveball’ discussion with Martin and his belief in Daniela’s capability of taking up a paralegal role at IDR Law, seemed too fantastic and unimaginable for Daniela at first. However, Martin convinced her that her skills acquired in social work were indeed transferable and would make for a valuable foundation from which to grow and learn in her new role as a paralegal.

Advocating for disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals was ever present in social work and Daniela has found similarities feature in contentious probate where families struggle with highly emotive and challenging circumstances. Daniela is relishing her role at IDR Law and celebrates the culture of transparency, support and the authenticity of its core values led by, “We care about what is happening to our clients.”

Outside of work Daniela is adjusting to the freedoms adult children brings whilst trying to hold onto being involved in their busy lives. Daniela has returned to learning to play the piano which, given the practice necessary, is taking up most of her spare time!