Sometimes despite best endeavours of everyone disputes still arise when dealing with estates, trusts or wills. At IDR Law, we have seen and dealt with almost every permutation you can imagine and some you possibly can’t! We have yet to come across a case where we have not been able to bring it to a conclusion one way or another.


If your clients are facing a potential claim, wish to explore one or not sure what to do in the face of a family dispute following death, we are here to help. We have set out some resources below which we think you and your clients will found useful:
1975 Act
Claim Checker

The team at IDR Law has built a totally unique online service that allows either you or your client to investigate whether or not they have an eligible and meritorious claim for increased financial provision from an estate in circumstances where they are disappointed with what they have received. It is the first of its kind and with data entry just taking 5-10 minutes , it produces a clear result on whether a claim is possible. Click here to use the service

IDR Law TRIAGE service

We offer no-obligation free initial claim assistance to our subscribing referrers – if your client faces any kind of will, trust or probate dispute or is unhappy with their existing legal representation we can help provide a clear opinion and view on what route would be best suited for your client to take to try and reach the goal they wish to achieve.

Fixed Fee Services

Some problems reoccur so frequently that we have devised some fixed fee services to deal with them. Take a look at our download section here for more information.

If you have a question, please do not hesitate to get in touch on: 01423 637 050