Don’t leave your family to pick up the pieces

With decades of experience involving well over a thousand probate and trust dispute cases, there is very little the IDR Law team has not seen and dealt with successfully before.

And while no case is the same, most involve either an absent, invalid or contested will.

Indeed, 60% of adults in the UK do not have wills. Which equates to over 30 million people at risk of dying intestate. Intestate deaths carry tragic consequences for the loved ones left behind. A lack of will and/or proper financial planning causes unnecessary tax bills, inappropriate gifting, inheritance disputes, unexpected funeral costs and many more unanswered questions.

This ongoing trend of “disorganised deaths” in the UK is particularly worrying given that 1 in 3 people are relying on an inheritance in order to discharge debts, mortgages or to provide retirement funds. What’s more, the scale of the problem risks being exacerbated as many people have struggled to access the death and bereavement services they require due to the adverse impact of Covid-19 on businesses, who traditionally relied on face-to-face customer interactions.

Put simply, individuals aren’t taking the necessary action in life to protect their loved ones on death. One of the main reasons for this is our general unwillingness to talk about death. Many of us are unaware of the associated risks for family members and financial dependents upon our death. For those of us who do seek advice, it’s not always clear what steps we need to take or, more often than not, life gets in the way and we simply delay it to a later date.

It shouldn’t be a matter of pot-luck whether or not you are left to pick up the pieces of a disorganised death, with no option but to fight for your inheritance. Yes, death is inevitable, but inheritance disputes are entirely preventable. Whilst our clients may have been helpless to avoid what happened to them, they are in a position to get their own affairs in order. In doing so, they can protect the next generation from enduring the same emotional and financial ordeal they had to go through.

At IDR Law, we are passionate about helping our clients and huge part of this is doing all that we can to support proactive measures that will prevent inheritance disputes in the future. We work with other, non-law, organisations who are producing LegalTech solutions that help reduce the risk of unnecessary emotional, legal and financial hardship for families on the death of a loved one.

FRisk is a simple yet effective online software tool that helps individuals identify and understand the risks their family will face on their death. With a few simple questions, FRisk generates a personalised interactive Family Risk Report telling the user exactly what would have happened if they had died yesterday. FRisk calculates the value of your estate, which family members would and wouldn’t inherit, property ownership, inheritance tax liability, predicted funeral costs as well as guardianship and parental responsibility issues for unmarried fathers. In addition to explaining the risks and recommended solutions, FRisk offers users a free, no-obligation introduction to a panel of vetted providers who can deliver the necessary services. It’s all online and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

FRisk Reports are now available to all individuals. To receive 25% off your report, use IDR Law Discount code: IDRL4835WC or click here.

For more information on how FRisk works, visit FRisk’s website, follow FRisk on LinkedIn and Twitter, or register your interest on their contact page.

Don’t leave it up to chance. Discover your family risk today.


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