IDR and CSR – more than a poor scrabble rack

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) encompasses the way we give back to our community, to society as a whole and the way we reduce any negative impact on the planet. Any organisation can engage in CSR, large or small: you don’t have to be a giant of a firm to make a positive impact on your community, locally or nationally.

At IDR Law, we constantly review our CSR actions, which currently focus on 4 areas:

  • Our Office – by reducing the carbon footprint of IDR Law’s operation – this includes an entirely paperless operation, virtual “plug and play” desks at home for our teams (since before the pandemic) reducing travel for all our teams and constantly asking “how can we make this cleaner?” Our latest step is to sign up to Nespresso’s “Podback” service to recycle our coffee pods – an office-wide guilty pleasure!
  • Our People – by ensuring, through our FamilyFlex and hybrid structure, that all our team are able to maintain a healthy work/life balance – by reducing inputs to realistic levels, stripping away time consuming ancillary responsibilities and eradicating any notion of “presenteeism”. As we enter our 4th year of significant growth (40%+ year on year) we have not lost a single member of the team and have had just 2 days sick leave in total from the entire team over that same period. Well balanced homes are far more likely to produce well balanced families – in turn they are more likely to improve the lives of those in their own circles of influence – enough ripples and you have a wave. It starts with home, not the office.
  • Our LegalTech – whilst IDR Law is brilliant at helping families resolve their inheritance disputes, we are investing time and money through our LegalTech sister company, Metrona Technologies, in services and products that work to reduce the number of claims actually happening in the first place. With 1 in 4 individuals saying that they will bring a claim if their parent’s estate share is not what they anticipated, the need for these services is greater than ever, if we are to avoid a litigation landslide in years to come.
  • Our charitable and sponsorship activities – We love to give back to our community where we can and IDR Law is proud sponsor of our local junior football team, Beckwithshaw Saints U13, which works hard to keep players active and in training, even during the pandemic. IDR Law has also donated £1,200 to the charity Water over the last 12 months and has chosen Grief Encounter as their new charitable partner. Metrona Technologies, are also proud sponsors of emerging talent, Millicient Goldspink, who recently finished third in her age group at the British Weightlifting Championships – well done Millie!

IDR Law is an approachable, boutique firm and the only one in the country dealing solely with inheritance dispute resolution. Whether you’re a law firm, or an individual who feels they would benefit from our expertise, get in touch here, email us at or call on 01423 637050

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