IDR Law works with The National Will Register to launch new legaltech product.

In collaboration with The National Will Register, IDR Law, inheritance dispute specialists unveil their Claim Checker, aimed at people who are unhappy with their share of inheritance.

With 1 in 3 people relying on an inheritance, disputes over inheritance arrangements can often occur following the death of a family member.

If you are dealing with a client that is unhappy with their share of inheritance and want to help them to learn whether they can challenge the current arrangements, this tool can help you and them understand the legal issues around these disputes and provide an instant answer to whether anything can be done to resolve the situation.

IDR Law, specialists in inheritance dispute have updated their original Claim Checker creating a new intuitive version that asks the user a series of questions which covers the typical issues faced by people in this situation, with detailed guidance to help them to understand whether they have the right to dispute inheritance and then advise on the likelihood of success based on their situation.

Upon completion of the form they receive a detailed report, outlining all the issues they will face and the strengths and weaknesses of each issue depending on their circumstances.

IDR Law has partnered up with The National Will Register. With over 10.5 million Wills in the system, The National Will Register is the UK’s Will registration and Will search service. Through our partnership The National Will Register will provide exclusive access to this online tool to those who need it, as they continue to serve in their role as a reliable source of information to those who are bereaved.

Chris Dallender, Product Manager at The National Will Register has said:

“The National Will Register’s dedicated team are experts in finding Wills and understand the importance of establishing if there is a missing, unknown or later Will, to support the correct distribution of an estate. In providing this invaluable service, we recognise the need for further tools and support to help members of the public when there is a possible contentious situation, regarding a deceased person’s estate.

It’s for this reason, The National Will Register is delighted to confirm, we are now able to sign-post members of the public to a free, online Claim Checker tool, that leverages the expertise of contentious probate experts, IDR Law. The Claim Checker helps people understand if there is a likely contentious situation, or claim with a testator’s estate, enhancing the existing services and information available to members of the public via The National Will Register’s website.”

Martin Holdsworth, Founder and CEO of IDR Law comments on the partnership.

‘The National Will Register plays a key role in protecting and preserving the estate planning wishes of millions of people. Few organisations in this space have such an established relationship with both the public and the professional organisations that serve them.

The growing incidence of inheritance disputes is no surprise when one considers that 1 in 3 individuals are now relying on an inheritance to either fund retirement or discharge debts – if that inheritance does not land, most are at a loss as to what to do and many look to make claims or flounder not knowing what they can and can’t do to change things.

 At IDR Law, we have dealt with thousands of such enquiries from family members looking for help and guidance. The majority of those people we are able to assist and direct without ever needing to be formally instructed. We know that The National Will Register is also often the first port of call for that same group of distressed family members looking for answers, so it made sense for IDR Law to work with The National Will Register to produce an upgraded and bespoke version of our award winning Claim Checker.

The upgraded Claim Checker is an innovative free service that enables anyone at any time to find the answer to the simple question – “I have not received the inheritance that I was relying on or expected to receive, can I do something about it?” 

An instant report providing guidance and help to all is very much in line with the service provided by both The National Will register and IDR Law and we look forward to improving access to the right help at the right time. Our Claim Checker is only available through The National Will Register website, on our own website and as part of our own support network, the IDRN.’

You can access the tool and find more information about dealing with inheritance disputes here:

You can also use the Claim Checker over on the IDRN here:


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