Is there Room in your Zoom?

When a person dies, life for those who loved them changes; and having the added complication of sorting out a loved one’s affairs can be overwhelming.

Having a Will in place reduces the risk of any disputes over inheritance, but still disputes can happen, and as almost two thirds of us in the UK do not even have a Will, this increases the risk of complications during estate administration.

At IDR Law we specialise in resolving disputes over inheritance. Our aim is to resolve these as quickly and painlessly for all concerned: death causes enough pain on its own. Our other main aim is to try and prevent disputes from happening in the first place, by sharing information, encouraging people to have Wills drawn up and by developing LegalTech services which can be used by clients and individuals to see what needs to be put in place to make things easier upon their death for those left behind. We are also keen to help and provide guidance to those in the wills and probate sector dealing with families either after death or more often whilst planning is still possible in life.

We’ve recently attended a number of Best Practice Webinars organised by Chris Whittington, from Kings Court Trust, where we’ve given added value to attendees by either presenting or hosting a Q & A session.

Chris from Kings Court Trust comments: “IDR Law’s contribution to my monthly meetings has been invaluable. What started out as around 20 partners joining has now grown to over 40 and that is mainly thanks to Martin and his team’s attendance and support. Their approach and emphasis on how to avoid potential disputes rather than dealing with them when they happen is very enlightening and always well received.

“I’m so pleased to have someone of IDR’s calibre adding some kudos to the group and there is never a question left unanswered. We always get the highest number of attendees when someone from IDR Law is presenting. Many thanks to the IDR Law team!”

Richard Thomas, IDR Law who has presented in such Zoom events comments: “We are often asked to attend meetings and webinars virtually, and we’re always happy to help. With such an interactive format, you never know where the questions will take you, which is great because often brings more and more people into the discussion.”

The “Room in your Zoom” support feature is part of the soon to be launched IDR Law Network – we are offering to provide training and presentation support and a free advice and assistance line to help other firms and organisations resolve inheritance disputes.

For more information on our “Room in your Zoom” service or to check the availability of one of our team for your online Team Meeting, or to find out more about the IDR Law Network, please get in touch at [email protected].

IDR Law is an approachable, boutique firm and the only one in the country dealing solely with inheritance dispute resolution. Whether you’re a law firm, or an individual who feels they would benefit from our expertise, get in touch here, email us at [email protected] or call on 01423 637050.


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