We work with other non-law organisations who are producing LegalTech solutions that help reduce the risk of inheritance disputes or resolve them without the need to incur the cost of legal disputes.

IDR Law Further Support

IDR Law is a law firm authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA No. 642790).

Metrona Technologies, Frisk Reports, Postremus t/as Larke and iDivide are all companies providing LegalTech solutions to the wills and probate sector. Tower Street Finance t/as Inheritance Advance is a company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. None of these companies are law firms providing legal services or legal advice.

IDR Law has advised and assisted all of these companies in creating solutions – drawing over 70 years of combines experience in dealing with will, trust and probate disputes. For more information on each, see their website links below:



An online service highlighting the real risk of dying without proper planning in place – personalising the impact of a death by way of an online report is a powerful catalyst to prompt individuals to get their wills, LPAs and affairs in order. 10% profits go to the charity Grief Encounter.

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A joint venture providing a solution to the expensive and emotional division of estate chattels. With a “perceived fairness algorithm” at its core, this online service works to ensure that competing beneficiaries recover a share of the chattels that they all believe is fair.

This is an innovate piece of software that helps anyone writing wills ensure that they ask the right questions and keep the right notes to help wills be more resistant to later claims. Produces a Larke -v- Nugus statement at source and provides users with a traffic light warning dashboard tracking the progress of all wills to execution.

A new financial product regulated by the FCA that enables beneficiaries to draw down some of their inheritance early rather than waiting until the completion of the administration that takes an average of 12 months! No credit checks, no repayments and no charge over property.