Head of Marketing
Lindsay Gibson
BA (Hons)

After finding a love for English and Theatre at Uni, Lindsay knew she wanted to work in communications.


Lindsay has worked in marketing since 2007 in a range of industries. Staring off in luxury travel where it was all about branding, brochure production and creating glossy page ads for the likes of Conde Nast Traveller and Harpers Bazaar.

As much as she loved the lovely perks the travel industry had to offer, it was apparent that digital was taking over and she wanted to widen her experience. A new opportunity came up to do this and it was in this role she studied at the IDM (Institute of Digital and Direct Marketing) and successfully completed her two year diploma.

At this time her husband was building a school photography business and in 2013 (much to everyone’s terror!) she decided to take the plunge and move across to running Bounce Photography. For eight years they built up a  base of nursery school contracts, marketed to them and built a fully functioning website around the sales and marketing to manage the process. In 2020 Covid hit and it was not possible for Bounce to continue, so with her experience in marketing behind her and running the business she went on take up a role in the legal sector, which led her to IDR Law.

At IDR Law, Lindsay manages the marketing operations, which supports and raises the profile of our firm. The role is so varied and includes the ongoing management of two websites, including the IDRN, our B2B online referrer network and our main B2C focused site. She also plans, develops and implements a mix of campaigns to support the wider business development strategy.

She has two little girls who take up quite bit of her spare time, but when she does catch a mo, she likes to run, dance at festivals and sip on the odd wine with her pals!