Triage Paralegal
Louise Ward

Louise began her career working in family law at various practices, working her way up from secretarial roles to becoming a legal assistant.


She has worked exclusively within contentious probate for the past eighteen years as a legal assistant.

In addition to her work experience, Louise intends to complete her CILEX training, which she had to put on the back burner while raising her family. However, having accomplished eighteen years of experience in contentious probate, she is now keen to continue her training.

Knowing IDR founder and director Martin through her previous work experiences, she decided to join the IDR team due to their flexible nature and progression opportunities. Within IDR, she now feels she can balance family life with her career ambitions. Louise joined our team as a triage paralegal, wanting to be more hands-on with the clients.

Away from the office, Louise has a family of 3 girls and her husband, who all love going on walks and trying out new recipes in the kitchen on weekends. On the odd occasion, when she does get a few minutes of quiet; she loves to relax with a good book or even go out for a nice meal and drinks.