IDR Law are a firm of solicitors who only do one area of work – inheritance disputes. We deal with hundreds of such cases a year and have dealt with many thousands over the years. Our credentials are fully set out in our main website.

The numbers of people needing this area of expertise are set to increase hugely. Knowing what we know about the data around inheritance trends and inheritance disputes, it is almost certain that an increasing number of people will become embroiled in conflict situations arising from death in their family (often an extended family nowadays) and the associated passage of wealth in those families.

These people could be amongst those that are currently being looked after in one way or another by a wide range of organisations – organisations who may not have the expertise to help their clients.

Clients with inheritance disputes of course come to us direct, but a huge number of clients are referred to us by other organisations who enlist our help to help them to help their clients. In this way, clients with inheritance disputes are referred to us by wide range of organisations. These include the following, but there are many more:

  • Law firms
  • Probate Administration companies
  • Will writers
  • Accountants
  • IFA’s
  • Banks

The IDR Law Network

We have set up the IDR Law Network to help us not only to communicate positively and constructively with all the organisations who currently refer their clients to us as and when they have inheritance disputes, but also to enable us to constantly add value to those organisations who are adding value to our business. We are very grateful for the client referrals that we receive and we are keen to return that trust and support.

We have enrolled all of our existing referrers into the IDRN, and we are actively looking for new organisations to join the Network, for the benefit of their clients, their organisations, and – as you will see below – their people. As the benefits that we offer (full details below) are of potentially great value to each individual in a referrer organisation, we invite our referrer organisations to make sure that all of their relevant people register via the link below, so that the benefits of an organisation’s membership can be sent to and enjoyed by each of them personally.

Non-Poaching Agreement

As a single-specialism law firm, you will readily see that we are not competing with any of the organisations who do or who might refer their clients to us. In fact, over and above the fact that we simply don’t have the expertise that a referred client might look for over and above their inheritance dispute, we give an explicit non-poaching confirmation to all referrers by which we promise them that we will not take any steps to generate any work from their clients.

In fact, far from seeking further work from a referred client, the situation often arises where our dispute work necessitates other legal work that you, rather than we, carry out. In other situations, the need arises for us to outsource work to one or another type of member organisation, so this is again a way for us to repay the favour and trust that has been placed in us.  

Inheritance disputes that your clients might bring to you

In modern (and often extended) families, the following are the types of dispute that you will most likely see, all of which can be referred to IDR Law for our expert attention:

  • Problems that arise from someone dying without a will
  • Challenges to the validity of a will
  • Claims from disappointed beneficiaries
  • Claims for declarations for promises made but not kept
  • Disputes over death-bed gifts
  • Issues arising over insolvent estates
  • Disputes around (or with) executors or trustees
  • Applications to rectify wills

If you have the expertise to help your client

If you as a law firm or other organisation have the expertise in-house to help any client who comes to you with one of these issues, then we can still work with you – in the following ways:

  • We are happy to receive and to give out any work where there is a conflict of interest – where you or we cannot act in a case
  • We may need independent administrators, and we can pass these appointments to you
  • We are happy to share “best practise” and to “compare notes” and share war stories with your inheritance dispute experts

Additionally, as an entrepreneurial law firm, we are involved with a number of “legal tech” projects that are extremely relevant to and are extremely valuable in the Private Client arena. We can extend these tools and solutions to you.

If you do not have the expertise to help any client of yours who has an inheritance dispute

If that is the case, in all of the instances outlined above, we invite you to refer your clients to us so they can benefit from our true and market-leading expertise in all of these situations. We believe that your relationship with your clients would be enhanced, not endangered, by you doing so.

Our Promise to Referring Organisations

As law firm, we offer the IDR Service Pledge to those clients that we act for. We also though make promises to the organisations that refer their clients to us :

  • We will respond to you (or if you prefer, to your clients) as soon as you contact us
  • We will have a “no obligation” initial look at, and discussion about, each case that you refer to us
  • We will not hesitate to tell your client if we do not believe there are good prospects of success
  • If we take a case on, your client will benefit in every instance from the IDR Service Pledge which is designed to ensure that we deliver a great service – every lawyer, every time
  • If we are authorised to do so by your client, we will keep you updated as to progress in their case
  • As mentioned above, we absolutely will not try to generate any further work for our firm from your clients

Our Personality and our Approach

In our experience, each of these disputes is best resolved by using a mix of the “formal” and the “informal”, using an overlay of tactical expertise and the huge reserves of wisdom and experience that we have amassed while dealing with thousands of these cases. Formal litigation routes are always available to your clients, but there are other less expensive, less aggressive, and less invasive options – of course, families usually have to go on living together so we try to keep scars to a minimum. We therefore explore every avenue (including ADR) to help your clients to achieve a successful resolution as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible in terms of cost, and in terms of trauma.   

The benefits for your organisation and your people of IDR Law Network membership

  • Your relationship with your client is protected – and enhanced. Not least of all, every client that we act for benefits from the IDR Service Pledge
  • Via the IDR Helpline, your people can call our team to talk through (free of charge) any issue or challenge they are facing that relates to inheritance disputes
  • If you carry Professional Indemnity Insurance – for example, law firms – then the risk to your Claims Record by you carrying out this very specialist work is removed
  • We are often able to refer fee-paying work out to appropriate organisations
  • We offer free training modules to all of your people, tailored to your particular needs – various modules for example focus on how inheritance disputes can be avoided
  • We can either offer a fee share to your organisation in certain situations – or we can instead reduce the fees your clients incur
  • Access to our various financial and legal “tech” solutions, including our 1975 Act Claim Checker, Frisk, iDivide, and Larke
  • Access to our Inheritance Advance funding scheme for your clients
  • Access to the IDR resources and guides – free to members to download

Why not join the IDR Law Network now?

If you agree with the following terms, why not join the IDR Network now by registering below :

  • Membership is free
  • You can leave the Network whenever you want – just let us know
  • In acting for any client that you refer to us, we will adhere to all professional rules and regulations applicable to SRA-regulated law firms

To join the Network, just register here – we just need your simple contact details and your GDPR permissions. It should take you less than a minute to complete.

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