Many situations we are asked to help with actually involve a number of different claims that are entwined; it is not unusual to think you have one type of claim or defence, only to find that we advise that an entirely different one is best suited to reach your goal. This depth of experience and "know how" is what comes from being a truly specialist practice.

We understand that inheritance disputes are factually and emotionally complex. We will always be able to provide you with structured advice that will help you towards your goals. Take a look below for our service range but do give us a call to discuss - the solution may not be obvious!

Will Disputes
A claim or defence relating to an allegation that a will is not valid for one of a variety of grounds, including lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence, lack of knowledge and approval, revocation, fraud or forgery.
Disappointed Beneficiary Claims
A claim or response to a claim by a qualifying family member or dependent seeking greater financial provision from an estate than a will or intestacy gives them. In simple terms - claims involving a disappointed beneficiary who is seeking more.
Executor Disputes
Resolving problems arising between executors trying to administer an estate - ranging from delay, theft, fraud and death to disagreements on a course of action. May ultimately result in removal applications and orders.
Administration Disputes
Challenges encountered by those administering the estate – including disputed estate debts, court approval orders, contract disputes, valuation and sale problems, litigation protection orders.
Trust Disputes
A wide range of issues including trust administration problems, disclosure problems, delay, fraud, self-dealing and a whole range of conduct-based issues involving trustees. Includes trustee removal applications.
Equitable Remedy Claims
The law of “fair play” – from enforcing inheritance promises to dealing with claims that estate assets are equitably owned by others. The claims in equity are numerous in type and nature and require careful gathering and assessment of witness evidence. Commonly occurring in second marriage cases and farming family inheritance disputes.
Probate Negligence Claims
Mistakes happen. We assist in both taking and responding to claims of negligence in relation to will drafting and probate administration. We have worked with insurers to minimise the damage caused and ensuring that the party suffering loss receives adequate remedy.
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