Our Five-star Service

It’s now almost five months since we released our Client Service Pledge: a set of behaviours that we strive to deliver to every client, every case. Initial feedback via Survey Monkey has been fantastic, with 100% of our clients saying they would recommend us to a friend and an average performance rating of 5*.


As a firm, we’ve always worked by the principles that we set out in the pledge; in the spirit of transparency that IDR Law adheres to, we created the pledge to make it clear to clients what they could expect when instructing us. The pledge was written as a response to client feedback and as a result of both external and internal discussion.


We’re delighted to share some of the recent feedback from our clients, given via Survey Monkey:


“Excellent service given by Ellie and Kate. No improvements required in my opinion. 10/10.”


“I would like to thank Richard and Chloe for their hard work on my case and successfully bringing it to a resolution.”


“Thank you for excellent service.”


“Kate was a pleasure to work with.”


“Louisa provided professional accurate advice regarding a Will and was polite, respectful and personable. I would like to thank you, Louisa, and will come in the first instance to your Law firm, for any issues. Best Wishes S”


“There’s always room for improvement but in your case very hard just maintain the high standards”


Thank you to our clients for this wonderful feedback. We will work to maintain our high standards and strive to improve where we can. We take all feedback on board and work to ensure we deliver the best possible service to all our clients all of the time.


IDR Law’s Service Pledge to our clients:


We will always treat you politely, professionally, and with respect

We will be transparent and totally honest in all our dealings with you

We will be transparent on costs – you will get no surprises

We will ask you how and when you want us to communicate with you

You will come to know the team of lawyers working on your case

We will set out for you the route your case may take

You will always know where your case is up to

You will find us very responsive whenever you call or email us

If we have to use legal jargon, we will explain it carefully

We will never cause any delays in your case

We will ask you how we are doing as your case progresses

We will act immediately whenever a complaint or concern is raised.


From our clients we ask only a few things, to allow us to meet our Service Pledge:


You will always treat every member of the IDR Law Team with courtesy

You will use your best endeavours to provide us with your full instructions in a timely manner

You will be transparent about the facts and documents of your case

You will pay our invoices when delivered.


We’re very aware of how difficult inheritance disputes can be for all parties and our aim is to resolve disputes as quickly and smoothly as possible. We’re here to listen to and support all of our clients.


IDR Law is an approachable, boutique firm and the only one in the country dealing solely with inheritance dispute resolution. Whether you’re a law firm, or an individual who feels they would benefit from our expertise, get in touch here, email us at enquiries@idrlaw.co.uk or call on 01423 637050.

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