Rebecca Everitt
LLB (Hons)

Rebecca makes up part of our Manchester team, working mainly from our office there, she is looking forward to building her career in this area.  


She discovered her interest in the law whilst watching her Grandmother over the years practice as a will writer, and now Rebecca’s end goal is to become a solicitor.  

After completing her law degree with a 2:1 at Newcastle University, which she notes as one of her best achievements so far, she moved into probate and litigation department at Myerson Solicitors which really ignited her interest in contentious work.  

‘I find litigation quite exciting; each day is different, you never know what you will be faced with, there are unexpected challenges in this kind of work. However, my main goal is to help people, I like helping clients through something that is emotionally challenging and feeling like I can make a difference to their journey.’ 

Rebecca is excited to follow the career path at IDR Law and looks to do her training contract to become a solicitor whilst here. She also comments that the IDR University modules are a fantastic way for her to get that continued support.  

Outside of work she likes to go out for nice meals and enjoys dog walking in the Lake District with her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Monty!