Staying calm and carrying on…

IDR Law has been operating remote working, alongside office-based staff, for over two years; we thought we’d share the way this works for us, to help other law firms and businesses who may find some of the information useful.


  • Our operation uses VOiP phones which can be programmed to contact team members working at home
  • Those of the team always based from home have full set-ups with double monitors/VoIp phone/webcam, etc, so nothing has changed for them
  • Those in the team now starting to work at home use laptops with diverted phones to their mobiles and we suggest taking a monitor home to double up and make working easier
  • We have one team member self-isolating as a precautionary measure for 2 weeks, but she still operates as normal in the team and output has not changed at all
  • New work continues to come in and, if anything, it is increasing
  • Meetings are already nearly all carried out by phone/Zoom so no change there at all
  • Cash collection is key – making sure that the business remains liquid and being in a position to pay all our remote outsource suppliers (who are also all able to continue to trade remotely)
  • Daily updates are sent out to all staff on how things are progressing/changing and we have introduced a buddy system to make sure everyone is okay – removing fear is key
  • Team Zoom meetings each week to stay on top of any issues arising, replace physical proximity and reduce feelings of isolation.


If you’d like to read more about our Familyflex working arrangements, please visit:


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