Founder & Director

Martin founded IDR Law after almost two decades of developing and running contentious probate teams within larger law firms. IDR Law was founded in 2017 to enable him to fulfill his vision of what a law firm should look like for clients, those that refer them and the lawyers helping both.


IDR Law was built on a fundamental set of beliefs, which include the firm’s internal mission statement (heavily based on the habits enshrined by management missionary Stephen Covey).

We care about what is happening to our clients and understand the needs of our referrers and the sector they operate in. We have a productive and easy gioing style and only work on a win:win basis. We always begin with the end in mind.

This mission pervades everything we do here. Some of the highlights to date:

  • Totally paperless office.
  • All functions save the client facing functions (dealing with cases) are outsourced.
  • Every team member of IDR Law is an experienced contentious probate specialist – no compromise on quality.
  • The introduction of Familyflex – sensible targets, totally flexible working with days/hours worked at complete discretion of the team member.
  • The legal team have no responsibilities for developing business or admin – they are entirely client facing looking after clients and referrers.
  • Working with Metrona Technologies to produce LegalTech solutions for clients and referrers that save time, money and ultimately work to REDUCE the number of Inheritance Probate disputes (we will always be busy despite our best efforts!).

Whether you’re a prospective client or a curious referrer, let’s have a chat.