The effects of dispute when planning a funeral

In the second episode of our podcast series ‘IDR Talk’ Eleanor Stenson from IDR, sat down with the Director of Full Circle Funerals Sarah Jones. Full Circle’s mission is to make it easy for their client to plan the funeral they want, from traditional and modern to alternative funerals, they aim to help to support people by giving them clear guidance and direction to ultimately make them feel empowered to make the choices that are right for them.

It is a common misconception that it is the next of kin’s responsibility to make funeral arrangements after a loved one’s passing. Legally, it is the responsibility of the Deceased’s Personal Representatives and if they made a Will, the Personal Representatives may not be their spouse or child and could even be someone outside the family. This can often feel wrong to loved ones who are already experiencing a difficult time and can even lead to disputes over those arrangements.

There may also be inheritance disputes in the background and these things combined can cause significant distress at the time of the funeral.

We discuss these issues and how a funeral director can help families experiencing such difficulty, with Sarah Jones in our brand new episode.

Eleanor Stenson, IDR Law

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