Inheritance disputes are rising, with 1 in 3 now relying on receiving one to fund retirement or pay off their debts, it is no surprise that claims flow when inheritance doesn’t land as expected.


IDR Law was set up in 2017 with the sole purpose of helping people resolve their inheritance disputes #itsallwedo. During this time, we have studied the inheritance dispute patterns and trends from over 3,000 enquiries.


We would like to share that unparalleled experience with you and your clients.


Dealing with contentious probate cases can often require that extra level of expertise and support for your clients.

As a dedicated team of contentious probate specialists with over one hundred years of combined experience, we are experts in this field and have a wealth of knowledge between us that we want to share.

We have created the IDR Network to provide you with the latest information, support and training when it comes to dealing with disputes of this kind. Along with step-by-step guidance and collaboration when referring clients for specialist representation.

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  • 10% Fee share arrangements often available
  • Guest passes to the IDR University – IDRU – free ongoing CPD training !

We provide a phased clear and supportive journey for the client as well as working on a win:win basis with our referrers, which includes genuine reciprocity of client referrals whenever the opportunity arises and absolute transparency.

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On registration unlock everything the IDRN has to offer, here are the highlights.

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    Ask the experts

    As a dedicated team of contentious probate specialists with over one hundred years of combined experience, we are experts in this field and have a wealth of knowledge between us that we want to share. In this section find The IDR Law Almanack - a central record of the enquiries and responses we have built up in the past five years, factsheets, case studies and commentaries devised by our specialists.
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    Guides and Resources

    A range of guides and resources that we think will be helpful to you and your clients. Including everything from our 1975 Act Claimchecker, intestacy remembrall flow, caveat service, to our insolvent estate service, Larke vs Nugus request flow and much more.
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    LegalTech Solutions

    We work with other non-law organisations who are producing LegalTech solutions that help reduce the risk of inheritance disputes or resolve them without the need to incur the cost of legal disputes. Metrona Technologies,  Larke and iDivide are all companies providing LegalTech solutions to the wills and probate sector. IDR Law has advised and assisted all of these companies in creating solutions – drawing over 100 years of combined experience in dealing with will, trust and probate disputes.
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    The IDR-U has been created to provide bespoke continuing professional development training to our own contentious probate specialists and support staff. Accessible 24/7 and continually updated, this online learning resource is second to none, with training offered by barristers and other experts on a wide range of topics. We build on this foundation to support the wider probate community and as part of our giving back, IDRN members can apply for free guest passes to dedicated training through the IDRU.
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    Sector Spotlight

    The IDRN seeks to not only communicate and engage with you but also enable us to constantly add value to those organisations who are adding value to our business . Over the years we have come across a number of organisations and services that we think our network should know about – they tend to be beacons of innovation and excellence that we know you will be interested to know more about and potentially may be of use for you and/or your clients. We have managed to get IDRN membership discounts from these organisations to

“Step by step collaboration on contentious probate issues”

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Our Promise

We don’t draft wills, LPAs and do not carry out standard probate administration – that’s your business not ours – we focus on helping the families in dispute resolve their issues so you can carry on with what you do best with your client. We accept instructions direct from the public or by referral from other organisations.

Our promise to our referrers is simple we do not compete, we collaborate with you every step of the way giving support to your client with no risk of them going any where else afterwards. We also provide genuine reciprocity of client referrals whenever the opportunity arises!

If you have a client that needs help now or you just want to run something past us, then contact us at 0330 175 9912 or and we’d be delighted to assist.

IDR Law are a firm of contentious probate solicitors who only do one area of work –inheritance disputes.


The number of people needing this area of expertise is set to increase hugely due to an ever changing landscape of increasing wealth, property ownership, blended family units and so on. Clients with inheritance disputes of course come to us direct, but a huge number of clients are referred to us by other organisations who enlist our help where there is conflict.

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