The IDRN brings together everything IDR has to offer


Contentious probate is a niche area of the law and we believe education and knowledge in this space is essential.

Inheritance disputes are rising with one in three now relying on one to fund retirement or pay off debt.

Since the launch of IDR in 2017 we have studied the inheritance dispute patterns and trends from over 3000 enquiries and we want to share that unparalleled experience with you.

‘As our referral network grew, we could see that we needed to make everything we had to offer available all of the time. The IDRN provides all of that direct help in one space.’  Martin Holdsworth, Founder



‘I have just registered with the IDRN – it looks fantastic, particularly your useful guides, factsheets and Inheritance Act Claim Checker’  Claire Trueman, Consultant Solicitor. Rucklidge Law

What will you find in the IDRN?

MPH for triage

The Triage area

Our triage area covers the most commonly occurring contentious situations we see at IDR Law. This space provides you with everything you can possibly need to know if one of these cases lands on your desk.

For each query we provide the content and support.

  • Overview of the situation
  • Dedicated factsheets to pass to clients
  • Relevant case studies/commentaries and FAQs
  • Who to talk to at IDR
knowledgebase image

The knowledgebase

A  content hub for anyone working in wills and probate, structured perfectly to find the information you need.

Full of FAQs, factsheets, case studies, commentaries and training material designed to assist you when it comes to dealing with contentious matters, professional development, or for non-contentious browsing.

Detailing pretty much everything from general content on estate administration to factsheets on individual claims under the 1975 Act, will dispute case studies, burial dispute commentary and much more.

‘I’d really recommend checking out the IDRN. It’s free to register and some great content covering contentious wills and probate, and also things like burial disputes. Super easy to navigate and I particularly like the factsheets. Lots of useful information and insights – well worth a look! ‘

Laura Bowden, Senior Solicitor Farewill

Tailored legal training in contentious probate for you and your team.

Triage area covering the most commonly occurring contentious situations we see at IDR Law.

A knowledgebase structured perfectly to find the information you need.