We receive instructions and enquiries directly from the public and also from other professional organisations looking after or coming into contact with families that need help. Working with us gives you access to plenty of support and guidance from a legal team that specialises solely in resolving inheritance disputes.


We provide training sessions for our regular referrers and/or support them with their seminars and conferences with their clients.

Training is anecdotally based with clear learning objectives and aimed at creating “red flag” awareness and understanding when a problem needs to be referred and when it can be resolved.

“IDR Law have been providing training and client support to us for several years. The content of training and the feedback on this plus the support provided by the IDR Team is always excellent. Training is made more accessible by taking place in our offices and our teams look forward to the sessions. On a day to day basis we are reassured in the knowledge that the IDR Law team is at the end of a phone to discuss any potential issue on an estate.”

Simon Hancox, CEO of Kings Court Trust

Free Legal Support Helpline

All our referrers have access to our legal team by phone and email. Many initial contact calls are to “run something past us” or to “check that we are doing this right” – any kind of potential dispute problem can be referred to us for an initial opinion on how to proceed – we don’t charge for this service as it part of our support for those that refer to us. Many issues are resolved with a simple call but if not, we can take on the matter for you and work in conjunction with you and the client to get the problem resolved. It is always a team effort.

We have found IDR Law’s team to be highly responsive and helpful with both our own team referring potential clients but also the clients themselves who invariably express high levels of satisfaction in the quality of advice and empathy shown to them.”

Lorraine Robinson, Head of Legal, Farewill


Zoom & Teams Room support

We are regularly asked to provide webinar or Zoom/Team meeting training for our referrer’s staff or presentation updates for their clients and own referrers. IDR Law offers a “contentious probate lawyer in the Zoom Room” service on request – if you have a team meeting or are hosting a Zoom presentation and you would like one of our team to be present to either add to your presentation, provide a 5 min update on current trends on contentious probate or a simple Q&A 5-10 min session when any of the Zoom delegates can ask our specialist any contentious probate question on a matter they are dealing with, we would be delighted to help.

To check availability of one of our team for your Zoom Team Meeting, please get in touch on [email protected] and we will get back to you.