What can you do if an anticipated inheritance doesn’t happen?

1 in 3 of us are relying on an inheritance for future financial security1, but what if the inheritance you were anticipating or need, goes to someone else? What if the person, who told you they were leaving everything to you, dies intestate (passes away before they’ve made a will) and you receive nothing?

1 in 4 now say, if it happened to them, they would have little choice but to bring a claim for more financial provision — commonly under a piece of legislation called the inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975; the “1975 Act”2.


Want to know immediately if you are entitled to bring a claim?

At IDR Law we’ve made the first claim-assessment step easy — we have built a FREE online 1975 Act ClaimChecker. This software takes five minutes to use and produces a downloadable report, providing you with guidance on whether or not you can bring a claim, time limits that apply, and factors taken into account when assessing an award. The report ends with confirmation as to whether you do, don’t, or might, have the right to bring a successful 1975 Act claim. Further support on positive results can be accessed directly from IDR Law solicitors.

Will you incur legal fees in using the 1975 Act ClaimChecker?

No, it won’t cost you anything to use the 1975 Act ClaimChecker: it’s a free, no-obligation, case assessor. Without it, you would need to have an initial consultation with a solicitor to find out whether you could make a claim. This would normally cost money and might require you to take time off work.

So, whether you are someone who has missed out on an inheritance, or you’re simply helping a friend to see what can be done, don’t hesitate to check if you could make a claim, with our 1975 Act ClaimChecker here.



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  1. Sanlam UK Limited report – “spreading the love” conducted by Atomik Research, 20.12.18
  2. Direct Line Life Insurance survey of over 2000 adults, July 2018.
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