What happens when we die?

Whether you believe in the afterlife or not, most people will leave loved ones behind in this life when they pass on. IDR Law has worked with FRisk to develop software which helps ensure you’ve covered all bases when it comes to providing for your loved ones after your death or loss of capacity.

Building on our partnership with Certainty, the National Will Register, we’ve produced a video blog to raise awareness of the FRisk software and help people understand its usage and usefulness.



Many people don’t realise the risk to their loved ones of dying intestate (without a will). FRisk highlights the realities of death on the family left behind in a very personal way to the user – including arrangements for children (children do not automatically go into the care of surviving family members if both parents pass away), pets, asset distributions, claims likely, tax payable, digital estate assets, funeral costs and much more.

The FRisk report provides a series of recommended services to remove these risks and a “one click” link to service providers who will help to provide the security and safety the family needs. The FRisk software is easy to use and whole process only takes 10 minutes from start to finish.

Individuals can access the FRisk software direct, for a small fee, or for free if using it through a referring subscriber.

There is more information on using FRisk as an individual available here: FRisk Public Flyer 

Martin Holdsworth, founder and owner of IDR Law, comments on FRisk: “FRisk doesn’t provide legal advice, but it will let you know if you are in need of assistance to sort out your family affairs before it’s too late, providing one-click links to those who can help. Planning for your own death will decrease the likelihood of any claims against your estate and reduce the emotional and financial suffering of your loved ones when you’re no longer here.”

Companies who subscribe to use FRisk for their clients will be led through a webinar presentation on the FRisk software and the FRisk team – a blend of lawyers, financial advisors and technical engineers – will be on hand to provide support if required.

10% of all FRisk’s net profits go to the charity Grief Encounter, which supports bereaved children and their families. Subscribing to FRisk means you’ll also be supporting this amazing charity.

How can I find out more?

For more information on FRisk, how to use it as a subscriber for your own business and/or how to become a service provider helping FRisk users, please do get in touch. Virtual demos are available upon request. We will talk you through the software, how it works and the opportunities it presents for businesses and clients in the legal, financial and employment sectors. To find out more, visit our website, https://www.familyriskreport.co.uk/  or contact us at https://www.familyriskreport.co.uk/contact-us.

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