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The IDR Network has been specifically designed…. overview of why it can help will writers, what’s in here, training fee share etc

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What’s going on in the IDRN right now?

  • The IDR Law Almanack
  • Case Studies
  • Commentary
  • Training via the IDRU

The IDR Law Almanack

Inheritance disputes are rising, with 1 in 3 now relying on receiving one to fund retirement or pay off their debts, it is no surprise that claims flow when inheritance doesn’t land as expected.

IDR Law was set up in 2017 with the sole purpose of helping people resolve their inheritance disputes #itsallwedo. During this time, we have studied the inheritance dispute patterns and trends from over 3,000 enquiries. We would like to share that unparalleled experience with you and your clients.

Here are some samples that we think may interest you

I am making a Will but want to make sure it is not challenged when I die what do I do?

I have not been included in a will what can I do ?

I have received a Larke Vs Nugus Request what do I do?


Someone has said they want to make a claim against an Estate I am dealing with?

Unfortunately, inheritance related disputes are common in modern society. Changing family structures mixed with an increase in personal wealth within the older generations, and an increased cost of living, have meant more people are looking to rely on an inheritance for their retirement.

This fact sheet has been created to guide you through the process if you are an Executor or Personal Representative and someone has said they want to make a claim.

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IDRU Training

James Saunders from New Square Chambers, provides a session on Practical approaches and key points when preparing for court hearings.

The IDR Law experts deep dive into 1975 Act inheritance claims, giving us the lowdown on all individual claims, with webinars, factsheets and Q&A.

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