How can you check you’ve made enough provision for your loved ones?

What would happen to your loved ones if you passed away, or lost mental capacity through accident or illness?

None of us are immortal. None of us know what the future has in store. The current pandemic highlights this all too well.

And too many of us are dying without wills, leaving our estates and loved ones in complete disarray.

If an individual dies intestate (without a will), assets can be frozen, children can be taken into care, partners, spouses, and other family members, already bereft, will also be left with the huge financial impact of their loved one not leaving enough provision for them.

On the 1st May 2020, we are launching FRisk – a software service for clients of Financial Advisors and Will Writers, as well as members of the wider public, who have yet to make proper arrangements for their families in the event of their death or mental incapacity.

FRisk takes information from any given individual and then automatically generates a personalised FRisk report, telling them what would have happened had that individual died or lost capacity yesterday.

The Report covers Wills, Inheritance and Potential Disputes, Lasting Power of Attorney, Life Insurance, Funeral Plans, Equity Release, Care Plans, Parental Responsibility and Guardianship of Children, as well as Pets and Digital Assets.

Within each category, FRisk alerts users to any problems that need to be addressed and provides recommendations on how to take action. These action points are then summarised at the end of the report.

For individuals who believe they have made proper arrangements, sometimes areas can be missed – a FRisk report will provide reassurance and peace of mind in highlighting where more action needs to be taken, if any.

FRisk delivers an immediate solution by prompting the user to select 1 of 3 service providers on offer for each of these areas. If you’re a company who would like to be linked to FRisk as a service provider, applications will be open from the 24th April. Applications for those wishing to be FRisk service users will open from that time also.

FRisk has been developed by IDR Law as a collaboration, with private investor backing.

10% of all net profits from FRisk will be paid directly to Grief Encounter, an amazing charity, which supports bereaved children and their families

Currently, two thirds of adults don’t have a will in place. Our aim, with FRisk, is to dramatically decrease that number, therefore, decreasing the amount of emotional and financial distress caused by people dying without a will.

If you would like to find out more about FRisk, you can view a brochure at


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