Working it for Menopause Awareness

In this podcast, Eleanor Stenson spoke to June Potts, director or Menopause 360 who is an absolute delight and complete powerhouse in her sector. She supports and trains businesses to keep women going through any stage of the menopause in work. She also advocates nationally for both clinical and pastoral support for women.


Menopause awareness in the workplace

Businesses lose thousands of talented and capable women from the workforce each year because of complicated or misunderstood symptoms including the significant impact on confidence and mental health that the menopause can have. This not only impacts the bottom line, but also the women entering the workforce who lose their role models and mentors.


Menopause policy

IDR Law is proud to have a Menopause policy in place and flexible working as standard (which can often be the barrier to many women remaining in their posts) but this is not the norm. In the podcast, June shares her wisdom both from her own experiences and those she has experienced in working with businesses. She tells us what she has seen go wrong and what she has seen work well.

As she tells us Menopause is not just a ‘women’s’ issue, it is an everybody issue. So, if you are a woman, you manage women or are related to a woman (!) then please listen and tell us what you think.

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