How do we get the work/life balance right?

At IDR Law we understand that people have lives outside work; we know how important families are and how the pressures of traditional working hours can impact on family life.

In order to attract some of the best talent in the field, and create a happy working environment for all, we developed Familyflex: this allows staff, who choose, to work away from the office and give excellent value to our clients while also having the time to be there for their children.

We wanted to take away some of the guilt that so many working parents with young children feel.

Clients are people, solicitors are people; at IDR Law we pride ourselves on giving a personal service to our clients as well as giving our staff room to be themselves.

‘Choosing to work for IDR Law is the best thing I ever did.’ Louise has two boys aged five and two and loves being able to spend more time with her family, picking her kids up from school; taking them to the park, as well as enjoy her career. It’s not a choice all parents have.

Kerry, our office and compliance manager, tells us that Familyflex has allowed her ‘to fit a working life around a busy family’, including her much-loved dog!

With Familyflex, our staff can choose when to work their hours, fitting them in on weekends and in the evenings, if need be, for example if one of their children is ill.

Nothing ever goes undone: happy staff; happy clients.


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