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We understand that most wills are administered without issue, but, still, a huge number of will disputes do occur – and this number is rising – yet most solicitors are not specialists in this sector. This can create stress for the acting solicitor, as well as the client, and can bring Professional Indemnity risks to the firm.

This is where we come in. At IDR Law, every single solicitor and paralegal is a contentious probate specialist. It’s all we do and we want to help!  Our aim is to help you to keep your clients and manage risk in your law firm. We give an explicit, non-poaching agreement whenever we work with other law firms – as we regularly do – to help their clients. If your firm already deals with contentious probate then we still have value to add in assisting with conflict cases and giving access to a number of fintech/legal tech solutions*.

We have been operating like this for a considerable time, looking after large organisations and small alike. As we have grown our network of those we look after, we have added a number of support features and services that we believe are a significant value-add compared to others in the market – already unique, IDR Law continues to evolve.

In this vein, we’re excited to be launching The IDR Network at the start of next month! This is a FREE support network for all our existing and any new non-contentious wills and probate practitioners and organisations, which includes access to IDR Law’s specialist team of Lawyers, and information updates on the latest contentious probate developments and sector specific FinTech and LegalTech solutions – it even includes access to a free trial of our two most popular software products, Larke and FRisk.

Joining the IDR Law Network (which we’ll be offering with continued free subscription) only takes 30 seconds and ensures that you will kept up to date with everything we have to offer – your lawyers, staff, contacts and clients would be free to call us if they ever wish to talk through any inheritance dispute situation they are dealing with.

As part of the network membership, we will also be offering – to regular referrers – the option of free training sessions for estate administration teams, will writers and advisers on a range of matters relating to inheritance disputes, including how such disputes can be resolved and, indeed, avoided.

More details coming your way soon – in the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to find out a bit more about The IDR Network pre-launch, email Martin Holdsworth at [email protected].


IDR Law is an approachable, boutique, firm and the only one in the country dealing solely with inheritance dispute resolution. Whether you’re a law firm, or an individual who feels they would benefit from our expertise, get in touch here, email us at [email protected] or call on 01423 637050.


* Through our non-law firm LegalTech companies, we have produced new and innovative solutions that are aimed at helping families prevent inheritance disputes happening in the future and assisting law firms in reducing their risk on preparing wills.



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