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One in four people say they would contest a will if they were unhappy with the division of an estate.

IDR are contentious probate specialists. We work with referral law firms and non-law organisations, as well as direct with clients, to resolve disputes over inheritance. These cases can be very complicated as well as financially and emotionally costly for all parties.

We aim to resolve inheritance disputes as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, solving almost all cases through mediation rather than litigation in the courts. This saves time, money, and stress but costs can still add up and it can be difficult for some clients to fund contentious probate claims when money they might be relying upon is tied up in the disputed estate.

Looking to solve this problem, one of our clients, Tower Street Finance, recently launched a unique and innovative product, Inheritance Dispute Funding, which funds 100% of legal costs for the contentious probate claims. Like all Tower Street Finance’s products, the loan is offered with no personal liability, credit checks or charges over property, and is paid back by the estate.

Richard Davies, Tower Street Finance, comments: “We know from our close working relationship with IDR that funding inheritance dispute claims can be expensive, but also not straightforward.  The current offerings are traditional lending products that have been shoehorned into a sub-standard product which requires upfront assessment costs and personal liability. We worked with Martin and others to design a more relevant and accessible product which we hope will be attractive to both customers and practitioners, as it will enable them to generate more business.”

Founder and Director of IDR law, Martin Holdsworth, was recently interviewed by Tower Street Finance to discuss this new product. Martin comments: “By being involved in the development of Inheritance Dispute Funding, IDR Law were able to share with Tower Street Finance the challenges we, and clients face so we could create a product that provides a solution.

“We are often faced with the choice of bank rolling client’s cases or seeing them abandon them as they lack the funds to pay legal fees. It is common to find that your prospective client has a good claim but can’t afford to fund it themselves.”

Read more of Martin’s comments in Tower Street Finance’s recent blog.

IDR Law are one of a panel of trusted solicitors who work with Tower Street Finance. If you’d like to find out more about the products Tower Street Finance can offer, visit their website:, email [email protected] or call 0343 504 7100.

IDR Law is an approachable, boutique, firm and the only one in the country dealing solely with inheritance dispute resolution. Whether you’re a law firm, or an individual who feels they would benefit from our expertise, get in touch here, email us at [email protected] or call on 01423 637050.




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