Year End results confirm a winning approach!

As a firm, we’re proud of our achievements. With a year end 49% increase in turnover and profits over the last 12 months it would be easy to think this is the main reason we’re proud – but you’d be wrong…

Our finest achievement is that our customer satisfaction is at an all-time high – we’ve managed to decrease average legal costs for clients and more referrers than ever are sending their clients to us because they know that, as leading contentious probate specialists, we not only have the expertise, but we truly care for our clients.

We were going to put in a quote from Martin Holdsworth, founder and owner of IDR Law, about how proud he is of the team, but we thought we’d let a testimonial from one of our recent clients speak for us instead:  “I hope you don’t mind but I looked up IDR Law and unexpectedly came across photo identification of you, and colleagues. What can I say? You did a first class swift professional job with tact and feeling for me.  Thank you.  May Martin and his team continue to fly with well-deserved honours. Success is deservedly yours.” (Rosemarie HB, September 2020)

IDR Law have dealt with hundreds of cases in the last 3 years with only 1 ending up in a trial – that is a massive win for us and for our clients. To avoid the emotional and financial cost of going to court, we solve the majority of our cases through mediation, proactively driving cases forward to resolution.

Disputes over inheritance can be very upsetting for the people involved: the best outcome to prevent such suffering would be that they don’t arise in the first place so, with this in mind, we’re working with LegalTech companies Larke ( and FRisk ( to try and help families avoid will and probate disputes. For those where prevention is too late, we will continue to resolve cases through IDR Law with compassion and a focus on resolving the dispute as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

The culture of our firm, the fact that we’re still the only law firm in the country dealing purely with contentious probate, and the Familyflex arrangements we offer have attracted contentious probate specialists from much bigger firms to join our team. We have ambitious growth plans going forward and look forward to seeing new talent joining us.

IDR Law is an approachable firm and we like to help others. Over the last 12 months we have given well over £100k of free advice to clients. If you think you or your client may have a claim, get in touch here, email us at or call on 01423 637050  for a no-obligation, no-charge discussion in which one of our experts can advise you on how to move forward.



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