If Carlsberg made support networks …  the IDR Law Network

The IDR Law Network will officially open a week today!

IDR Law sits uniquely in the middle of the wills and probate sector, dealing solely with the resolution of inheritance disputes across the country and nothing else. We never ever compete with any of our referrers for work. We offer support: help to both you and your clients, and reciprocate with work referrals wherever we can. Fee share arrangements may also be available. Joining the IDR Law Network is FREE, takes just 30 seconds and opens up a whole range of information and support that we think you and your clients will find invaluable!

So what’s the benefit of subscribing to the FREE IDR Law Network? Glad you asked. Registration gives you access to everything that IDR Law has become well known for, along with a whole lot more – new features and a pipeline of innovative and practically useful new tools and associations. Here’s a taster list of what to expect once you have registered:

  • An online client referral system that is quick and simple to use. All referrals are acknowledged and clients contacted the same day – initial case assessment calls are FREE and managed in real time by our Client Relationship Manager, Laura Read. Cases are referred through to our team of experts where referred clients are looked after from the outset. Guidance and direction is given to clients whose issues are soluble there and then (for FREE) and live cases are taken on with a range of funding options available.
  • A series of helpful and informative guides including our Intestacy Remembrall, Guide to funding a claim, FAQ dossier – all downloadable and free to use for you and your clients
  • A totally unique and free (again) 1975 Act claimchecker that will take details about any individual wanting to know if they can bring a financial provision claim against an estate and provide an immediate report confirming a yes/no/maybe. Further help is then available.
  • We’ve been involved in the research and development of our own LegalTech products and advised several other organisations on theirs – we are perfectly placed to introduce to you the most innovate and practically useful services and products out there. Through the IDR Law Network, we have direct access to a number of these (including Larke and FRisk) at lower preferential rates for IDR Law Network subscribers!
  • A regular contentious probate update to keep you abreast of new cases, along with a practical summary of how these could affect you and your practice.
  • From Summer 2021, look forward to free guest passes to attend some of the webinars/presentation modules that form part of the “IDR University” (IDR U) we have created to keep all our team of experts up to date with guest lecturers and cross training  – keep your teams up to date with specific areas of interest or general overviews!
  • Regular Spotlight feature that introduces new services and products we have come across that we think might be of interest to our members – often with preferential rates if subsequently used!

We are really good at what we do and we see ourselves as an extension of the relationship you have with YOUR client – as one of our referrers confirms – “IDR Law have helped us with a number of client matters ranging from situations where there is a conflict and independent advice is needed for one of the parties involved, to discrete pieces of work, as well as simply passing matters to them which are not within our own areas of expertise. We find that our clients really benefit from the “joined up” approach when we collaborate on a case with them. As a firm we find it immensely helpful to be able to consult IDR Law – their experience and knowledge really shine through and they offer simple and pragmatic advice, but with plenty of empathy, making the team so approachable and easy to deal with.” Elizabeth Armstrong, Managing Partner, Latimer Hinks Solicitors

Keep your eye out for the “Gone Live” announcement next week and get yourselves registered. Contentious probate really is all we do!

The IDR Network Launching February 2022

IDR Law is an approachable, boutique firm and the only one in the country dealing solely with inheritance dispute resolution. Whether you’re a law firm, or an individual who feels they would benefit from our expertise, get in touch here, email us at [email protected] or call on 01423 637050.

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